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MAYA COSMOS travel group is internationally known for its specialties and because of its vision, commitment and passion, craftsmanship and small details focus.

We specialize in unique, perfectly-tailored experiences and life-changing adventures. So get ready to experience unmatchable access, value, insights and beyond to the best that Central America has to offer. 

During our years of operation and working with several different groups from all over the world, we have specialized in the following fields of action (appearing in an indistinct order):

Bespoke and exclusive escorted journeys

When seeking the right ingredients to design the most memorable escape or trip, look no further. With our years of experience, resources, and extensive network, we are going to work next to you and create your dream itinerary based on your specific interests and budget. 

Choose your dates, destinations, special activities, staff, workshops, accommodation style, transportation type, etc.

Whether you’re attracted by one of our expeditions that can be adapted as a tailor-made one or thinking on something different, we can work with you and plan your perfect epic journey. 

Just tell us what you have in mind.

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Partnerships with international travel agencies

We are your ethical and responsible travel partner in Guatemala and Central America.

Are you a travel designer, or do you represent a travel agency’s sales department, and are you looking for professional representation in Central America? We are here for you.

We are specialists in making long-lasting international representations, alliances, and partnerships with different exclusive brands worldwide, based on honesty, loyalty, trust, communication, hard work, excellent results and beyond.

Trust us; your special clients are in the best hands.

Group Travels

We are experts in group travels curating special and selected journeys for travel designers and agents, agency´s and direct clients (families, communities, schools, universities, etc.).

Your committed travel designers know how to make the best group trip possible, taking care of all the details behind our journeys, and making it in a personalized way (not overwhelming). Allowing the group members to travel as individuals but within a group. 

Your experienced tour leaders and local guides know what they are doing, and they are masters in the art of group management and entertainment. Giving each of our guests what they need and want at the right time, making sure everyone has an incredible experience.

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Transformational and rewarding travel

Focused on journeys to the Mayan ancient sacred sites and indigenous communities in search of adventure and transformation. Exploring its nature, culture, temples, pilgrimage routes, old paths, and connecting with these high energies wherever we go, allowing you to open the deeper parts of yourself. 

You are going to walk the mystic’s path, and you may feel that special bond with the primary source. Mother nature and the Mayan sacred sites as our healers.

4x4 off the beaten path travel

Focused on exploring the most inhospitable corners of the Mayan lands, with all the necessary staff and equipment to make it real. From professional 4×4 vehicles and drivers to high-quality glamping rooftop tents and gear (actually the one you will have never expected in a typical camping scenario and the best of Latin America). 

You can’t find these ones in a Central America tour book because it’s all about getting on the beaten track.

Kuautemayan 4x4 and all terrain vehicles.
unnamed 5
Mindful luxury travel agency

We are experts in bespoke luxury travel, that is more about authentic & unique activities (which can’t be easily replicated elsewhere) than just the appearance (facilities and amenities).

Is experiencing our destinations on your terms, providing personalized, tailored experiences to your preferences, impulses & desires (how you like it, where, and when you want it). Comfort and ease for some people, while for others, it’s a pleasure. 

Is to deliver superior, exclusive, outstanding services and products with social responsibility. 

The best in innovative & unique luxury travel experiences.

Consulting services

It has been an honor and a pleasure being a fundamental part of the co-production of large international productions related to the Mayans’ theme, providing invaluable information for film,TV and different media types.

We based our professional consulting services on the tremendous Mayan civilization’s ancestral and contemporary knowledge, and our approach is to provide honest and helpful advice related to the Mayans’ great mystery. That range from their origins, history, sacred fire ceremonies, Mayan calendars, nahuales, holy and sacred sites, to its archeology, epigraphy, art in general, oral traditions (stories, legends, and myths), culture, and of course, to the several perfect film/photo locations and hot spots around here !!! 

So if you have a project in mind and want to involve the Mayans (from any point of view), you are in the right place. Contact us and lets co-create some magic.

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Sacred Mayan calendar dates (fascinating ancient indigenous celebrations)

The sacred Mayan calendar Cholq’ij guides us, and we based all of our proposed expeditions on it. From its starting dates, their duration, places to visit, and special activities.

Many fascinating ancient indigenous celebrations take place across the Mayan lands, and timing up with them during your journey can make a truly unforgettable and remarkable trip. 

One of the celebrations that we enjoy the most is the Great Wayeb that ends up with the Waqxakib Bat’z (or the Mayan Sacred New Year). Other significant dates for the ancient and contemporary Mayans, such as the equinoxes and solstices and, of course, that the world-famous Day of the Dead, could not be missed. 

So if you and your family or community want to share these epic celebrations of native indigenous peoples in original towns with unique activities, you are more than welcome to share with us and have a transformative experience that you will never forget.

Professional photo & cinema for social media influencers

We have been working closely and exploring all Central America with different artists, diplomatic corps and celebrities since before we were born. From worldwide actors, musicians to renowned social media influencers (Instagrammers, YouTubers, travel bloggers) and many more.  

Central America is in exponential growth, and our proposals of itineraries and activities are perfect for any photography and film. You are going to deeply fall in love with its  landscapes, local culture, and the thousands of stories that we have to share with the world.

So contact us for any collaboration. We would love to hear from you, and by the way, we have all the keys to get you wherever you want.

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Millennials and post-millennials travel (from eighteen to thirtysomething)

The millennial travel generation represents a big part of our valuable travelers. They just love our services as all our different types of customers because we’re open to everyone.

We can tell you that they’re traveling way more than the previous generations, it’s like a priority in life for them, and we completely understand that behavior (as a millennial Tour operator).

For us, there isn’t a definition for millennials’ travel, but what we know is that they are mainly driven to share experiences with locals. They tend to be very familiar and friends oriented. They are always looking for authentic travel experiences that are unique and can share virtually; authentic but Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok experiences.

In the end, millennials and post-millennials are a reflection of the age and time we live.

Vacations (Families and community trips)

Our journeys are very popular within families with kids, teenagers, and grandparents; because of the perfect combination of selected activities for all. 

As family members (fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters), we completely understand the importance and value of the right family’s international journey. 

Whether you are a family of three or a large family group, we offer life-long lessons for all, especially for the young ones. You and your family will get amazed about what Central America can bring to you by having a perfect and unique quality time enjoying handpicked experiences and the freedom to explore. 

Ask us and share with us how your family is and what you have in mind. We assure you that you will return home with a renewed sense of wonder. 

We have you covered during spring break, Easter, summertime, Thanksgiving, and the winter holidays.

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University and School trips

Highly educational journeys with a priceless value of life or just for leisure. Either or for a degree or for celebrating vacations or the end of the scholar cycle. We have collaborated with different universities such as Berkeley, Marshall USC, and various international schools. 

“Your hands in action” would be the correct phrase to define this specialty; since, for us, the classes have to go more than to be spectators in a classroom. 

Whether they are in the university or the school, students will learn life-long lessons and, in some cases, be valued with an academic degree or merely experiential.

Charity Groups and volunteering

Are you a solo traveler looking to help with your skills on a social project, or are you a part of a charity group that likes to organize travel experiences, raise money, and give back? 

Over the years, we’ve helped organize specialized custom journeys for lots of groups, and we are the best at it! 

Just tell us about your charity group or volunteering intentions, where you’d like to go, preferred activities, and we can get you the perfect tailor-made itinerary just for your particular group.

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Travel Clubs

Are you a part of a travel club or an active group that likes to organize active group travel sometimes? 

Over the years, we’ve helped organize specialized custom journeys for lots of groups, and we love doing this! 

Just tell us about your club, where you’d like to go, preferred activities, and we can get to work planning the perfect trip tailor-made specifically for your particular group!

MICE and incentive travel in Central America

As a DMC Destination Management Company, we have lots of expertise, resources, and an infinite extensive network that always provides the right solution for your organization’s travel needs, desires and more.

Central America has it all, and we have more than twenty years of experience in the plan, design, and flawless execution of all kinds of programs for the big industry of meetings. We can help you choose the perfect location, manage transportation, arrange accommodations, coordinate appointments, activities and much more.  

We can organize your perfect event, so let’s start planning and let’s do it.

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International Exports from Guatemala

Another of our several initiatives of social support towards the indigenous communities and  social projects is to export their different products that represent Guatemala and the ancient and indigenous Mayan culture alive in a hand-picked collection of the best natural and handcrafted products of the country. 

Since several years ago, we have been working directly with different farmers and artisan families (who struggle to preserve their culture and heritage), helping them by developing new ideas and designs for products, its fair payment and their international distribution (beyond their local workshop and marketplace) highlinting: cocoa, coffee, dried fruits, nuts and crafts, such as jade, ceramics and textiles.    Interested in supporting us ? Check out our online store.

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